Street Fashion Reports

Introducing the Social Fashion Graph - the global mapping of the world’s clothes

November 22nd, 2012.- Several weeks ago, we released our Ranking of Brands People Wear Most Often by Country. Some of you gave us great feedback, and enquired about what we do with Chicisimo fashion data. And we wanted to share our response with everyone. Read more here.

V Street Fashion Report - 2012 Ranking of brands people wear most often, by country

October 16th, 2012.- What are the brands people wear most often, per country, and how they evolved over last year. Some very interesting trends here! Read more here.

IV Street Fashion Report - Most popular types of footwear

June 1st, 2012.- We've taken a look at the most popular types of footwear, as actually worn by young fashionistas. Heels dominate by far! In fact 4 out of every 10 times we get dressed, we wear heels. Booties and boots follow Read more here.

III Street Fashion Report - 2011 Ranking of brands people wear most often, by country

October 1st, 2011.- We rank the brands that young fashionistas wear most often, in the countries where Chicisimo has relevant presence. H&M and Zara tend to dominate, but each of them dominate in very specific geographical areas. Read more here.

II Street Fashion Report - What people *really* wear: Ranking of brands people wear most often

February 21st, 2011.- Zara and H&M, the brands people wear most often. Chanel and Louis Vuitton, luxury brands people wear most often. One in every four times you get dressed, you wear something from Zara. One out of every five times... Read more here.

Third party reports and analysis, based on Chicisimo Data

October 15th, 2012.- Inditex duplicará las ventas de su negocio online el año que viene. Inditex growth analysis, by Expansion, including data from Chicisimo's V Street Fashion Report.


April 27th, 2012.- Spanish fashion brands in Social Media, by Alianzo. Alianzo Rank based on Chicisimo's III Street Fashion Report.


April 15th, 2012.- Vestir en España, SModa, El País (PDF). Análisis sobre cómo se viste en España, realizado por el suplemento SModa de El País. (Online version here).


April 2nd, 2012.- Footwear and economic crisis, The Data Republic. The Data Republic analysis based on Chicisimo footwear data.


September 3rd, 2011.- Zar@ se conecta con más de 250 millones de americanos, Expansión. Expansión analiza el desembarco de en EE.UU.

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